Training|Body percussion workshops

In the workshops we’ll learn how to make music with our body ; using hands, feet, thighs … and enrich our body language using the body as a drum.


The workshops raise the direct relationship between body awareness and integration of rhythm.

  • Body exercises to awake  and increase control of the independence of the parties.
  • Working the body percussion  sound possibilities developing the relation between rhythm and movement.
  • Working on a series of rhythmic exercises: individual, couple and group. Laterality work and independence of the parties.
  • Useing the voice as an integrating element of rhythm.
  • Learn to focus attention and diversify over time. Learn phrases from the basic structures and body percussion musical language
  • Integrating -inferiors upper extremities.

Here you have a video of the workshops:


percussio-corporal hermexPercusion Corporal Lu Arroyo. Generalitat ValencianaAjuntament Bcncongres-de-pedagogia-sociallogotallerdemusics

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