I joined the musical group Calvari Rumba in March 2014 as a percussionist and artistic direction of its first direct “Sin Colorantes ”

lu arroyo calvari rumba

We present a Rumba show a staging ordeal.

Three people ventilating strings are singing in Latin and Catalan rumba … and two women breaking percussions and  shaking the stage with the Rumba style !

 Calvary , comes hard , fresh, direct and without dyes (sin colorantes) ofering a party entrusting us with pure color and energy.

Calvary worked with Javi Martin ” Ojos de Brujo ” as a producer on her first album Sin colorings.


In this first album we find  surprising and unexpected collaborations as Jaume Pla ” Mazoni  or Xavi Turull percussionist from  “Ojos de Brujo ” , giving a touch of color.
Calvary shown in this first album a great and creative work. Taking a look beyond the Catalan Rumba , make a review of the different musical styles that have shaped the genre . With a collection of creations , rumbas are energetic , Mediterranean -flavored ballads and even a course.

Calvary us :

Paul Ballesteros : voice, guitar and backing vocals .
Marcel Sanchez : guitar , vocals and backing vocals .
Gallego Salva : Bass , vocals and backing vocals .
Nuri Madi : backing vocals and percussion .
Lu Arroyo : backing vocals and percussion .
Artistic Director : Lu Arroyo
Dress: Sandra Carré
Photo: Miki Millan

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