Formation & Wellness for companies

Formations and body percussion activities for companies and workers aims to deliver dynamic and resources to improve interpersonal relationships and quality of life of workers and company managers in a playful way.

The training is designed for workers to acquire tools that can be applied in their daily lives, to work with a more effective body, reduce stress, to know themselves more and communicate more effectively.



Work exercises to develop the physical consciousness, the self-conception and ergonomics in order to control a little more body and understand that we can develop everyday tasks using our vehicle more effectively and healthily.



The activities of “team building” and wellness exercises are developed on participation and interaction between group members.

Through the necessary listening rhythm it is generated for customers to relate through rhythm and make music with your body taking into account the rest of the group.


Music and body as expressive channel is the motivator that will facilitate a lighthearted and playful communication between clients, contributing to the integration of team members.



We will also work trust exercises, where the whole team will have to listen and organize a rhythm in unison so that colleagues can perform rhythmical “evidence” of mutual trust.

In these activities, link and group feeling through humor, complicity, collaboration and concentration between tod @ s it is created.



And dynamic exercises are focused on listening, remembering, analyzing, improvise and respect the participation of everyone in your group function. These activities are a means to develop individual and group consciousness.

activities were designed according to the needs of the teams of each company or corporation simpre work based on rhythm and music providing creativity, freshness and human quality.

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