Cia. Impàs

It is at the end of 2012 interested in creating a language that merges dance and rhythm I joined the CIA. Impàs. In the co-direction and creation of the show Moi Même, last production of Cia.

Premier in Festival Temporda Alta 2013

temporada altra

lu arroyo moreno - Photo: Anna Bordonada

Moi même is a show for all ages that fuses the language of dance, rhythm and synchronicity.

The scenes intertwine four stories,four women and a desire to uncover the personality of each.

A trip stopping at different stations through humor, play, hope, strength and intimacy that comes from relationships.

With this new show which presents a proposal dance rhythm, showmanship, precision and synchronicity of dance is Moi meme.

Moi Même

Management and interpretation: Elena Masó, Neus Masó, Sandra Carré and Lu Arroyo. Prodution: Impàs dansa. Lights and sound technician: Toni Pujols. Edition & Musical direction: Lu Arroyo. Photo: Anna Bordonada. Video: Fang

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