mayumanaIn March 2008, I joint the international company MAYUMANA. After long auditions I meet a new team of 13 artists from around the world: Brazil, Catalonia, Israel, France, Brussels, Ivory Coast etc.

A multidisciplinary team of professional musicians, dancers and characters with strength and energy to create the last show of the Israeli company “momentum”.

mayumana-actuacionMomentum is a show characterized by interdisciplinary fusion between multiculutral percussion, dance, visual arts, coordination, synchronicity and new technologies. Entrusting the energy and humor to the public.

Directed by Boaz Berman and Eylon Nuphar we did the premiere in Madrid in the Apollo Theatre where we sat downs for 8 months doing 7 shows a week. From whom, until 2012 I continued the tour in Spain, Europe and worldwide in various continents and countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Chile, Argentina, New York, Australia, New Zealand, Macao, etc.

Promo video:

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