Shows & creations

The management and creation of custom shows and events developed through the  Cia. Ylalu.

Taking into account the needs of the company, company or artist perform specific proposal stage. Having great people and national and international professional world of dance, music and the arts.

Go for it!…

Three working women with masculine aesthetic of the 20s, arrive with a sack onYlalu his back and a hat.
In this work, the effort, the stigma of man and “work-dance” everyday appears;

transforming the common daily body into the body dancing language.

Women doing roots;

They are planted. They enjoy, because theLu Arroyo Cia Ylaluy love what they do.
Come to the point;

Danced poetry of women with large doses of rhythm, humor, freshness and synchronicity lives.
Dance for all audiences in “brickwork”.

VINEYARD ARTISTS 2015 Mas Blanch i Jové “Framing the dream of dialogue” by Assumpció Mateu.

For scenarios mounted amid the vineyards of the winery Mas Blanch i Jové has hosted artists as diverse as prestigious shows of all kinds. Guinovart, Carles Santos, Esteve Casanovas, Joan Brossa i Assumptció Mateu. In this case, we developed an artistic proposal for the installation of Assumpció Mateu. Approaching his work landscape. MAS BLANCH young, winery awarded in the category “Art and Culture” in the Wine Tourism Awards and the Government of Catalonia, presents its sixth edition this July 2015 and lives his most poetic day

We work with great professionals from the world of dance, music and the performing arts touring nationally and internationally who are or have been part of companys like Mayumana , Cirque du Soleil , Angels Margarit – Nats Nuts etc.

 Ylalú espectaculosYlalú espectaculos


Body percussion events “Beat”

Cia. Ylalu_percussio-corporal 2015 Cia. Ylalu-percussio-corporal 03. 2015Cia. Ylalú-percussio-corporal.01.2015 Cia. Ylalú- percussio-corporal 02. 2015









Life is rithm, live in rythm. Taller de Músics de Barcelona 2015

Tools against social exclusion. A program using music and music therapy in the detox center in  Osor. A project within the art program to improve social welfare of the Safety, which develops from the Taller de Barcelona. Here I draw the program with Martin Marfa educational program and lidarate the sessions.

Finally I create custom video with residents of the community of Osor.

Moi Même with Cia. Impàs dansa 2013


It is at the end of 2012 interested in creating a language that fuses dance and rhythm I sit at the CIA . Impasse . A co- direction and setting the show Moi Même , the latest production of Cia .

Dansapar 2011

Dansapar 2011 is a project born from the desire of the Association Dans_On to bring dance to audiences in this unusual scenic art. The first experience took place in 2010 and was focused as artistic intervention in the shops of the Old Town of Girona. The second edition, held in October 2011, extended its social objectives involving all the residents of Fountain magazine.

It’s smeels like you

Tour of the windows of the shopping area of ​​the city joined in the slum residents of the city populated mainly Roma who were invited to present their art. We also performed a specific route through the neighborhood where you could see joint manifestations among the Gypsies (basketry, dressage horse, hairdresser, singing, dancing, palmas, cajón …) and contemporary dance and aerial. This initiative has worked to lay the foundations for a dialogue between different cultural traditions. Within the framework of a florist and former barber of the old Girona; this show we did inspire us in the aesthetics of the Italian mafia, combining humor and dance, inspiring us with the space and using infrastructure to interact with the audience and make them part of the show .

Dansapar lu arroyo MOloraTu_web

Caminito de Jerez

Riding a horse…dancing between it….

In this edition, held in October 2011, dansapart extends its social objectives involving all the residents of Fountain of gunpowder, making a cultural tour in this neighborhood gypsy culture. This initiative has worked to lay the foundations for a dialogue between different cultural traditions.




La Orchestra Fireluche 2007

It is in 2002 that I co- founded and incorporated as a musician and manager until 2007 , co – directing several shows as ” The circus toy Sadrina ” (music theater ) on instument toy for all public

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